The college athletic recruiting landscape is a confusing one for families and student athletes looking to take their game to the next level. With over 25 years of experience placing student athletes in Division I, II, and III athletic programs, Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology offers a specific systematic approach to understanding and navigating this exciting time in an athlete’s life. Using a tool designed by our team, we are able to collect data from the athlete, parents and coaches; analyze the results; and determine the best fit in college athletic placement. By organizing data from the many constituencies connected to a student athlete, we are able to narrow down the search process and help families get the most out of their college pursuits. Along with helping in establishing the most appropriate list for an athletic recruit, we continue in the guidance through the following services:

  • Organize a team approach to the recruiting process
  • Help in marketing an athlete to show and be seen at their best
  • Assist in “official” and “unofficial” visits to colleges of interest
  • Provide a check list to enable the student athlete to drive the process (something that college coaches prefer)
  • When appropriate, offer sport specific college recommendations based on the data collected through the designed recruiting tool used in the process
  • When offers are made, provide guidance and direction into deciding the best course to take for commitment

As a student athlete reaches this stage of their athletic career, many years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears have been shed to get to this point. The college recruiting process should be one of celebration, not of stress. Let us join you on this journey and let’s celebrate together the transition into the next stage of your athlete’s career.