Schedule Agreement In Sd

This is a great tutorial! It would be wonderful to have more explanation of how classification systems determine the first possible date for delivery of the goods. Another question that comes to mind, and I think it`s sort of related to the first point. How do you know which one the Shipiping Point will be? Because you know you have inventory in a factory attached to that shipping station? Thanks for the tutorial! If you record the rankings of a position in the delivery plan, the system adds up the quantities already registered and compares them to the target quantity and the quantity already delivered. To have an overview of all open quantities. If the quantity in the collations exceeds the target quantity, the system issues an alert message. If the customer needs it, you can process invoices periodically, for example once a month. If the function is performed instead on the day one of the deliveries is due, it is used to directly create a delivery. Once delivery is established, the quantity in the delivery plan is reduced accordingly. Then indicate the name of the supplier, the type of contract, the purchasing organization, the purchasing group and the factory with the date of the agreement. SAP standard SD delivery plans usually include: at the top left of the screen, see the Sold-to-Part and Ship-to Party fields. A salary-to-party can have multiple parts of Ship-to. If a sold portion is associated with multiple delivery parts, a dialog box is displayed in the delivery plan screen. You must select the appropriate shipping part to which the customer has ordered you to ship the products.

Press F4 or the key in the Sold to Party field to search for your relevant sold. Taken into account when the question date sap sd and fills the system can be generated either in the products when releasing….

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