Agreement Authorisation To Act As Direct Representative

2.1 The procuring entity is obliged to provide the direct representative with all statements, information and data necessary for the performance of this contract (including for each shipment/transaction) that may be necessary on the basis of the rules and regulations in force and this contract. 5.4 The direct representative has the right to retain this authority on behalf of the government, even after revocation for the purposes of possible controls. 1.3 The direct representative shall have the right to refuse to carry out the acts and activities arising from this Agreement/Authorisation, provided that he or she so becomes known as soon as possible. 5.1 This agreement/approval is concluded and valid for an indefinite period. The contract/authorization may be revoked without notice, in compliance with the fees. 5.3 The provisions of this Agreement/Authorization shall continue to apply after withdrawal/revocation, where applicable with respect to the performance of obligations imposed on behalf of the Government. In accordance with Articles 18 and 19 of the Union Customs Code 952/2013, the contracting entity shall authorise and order from Maco Customs Service Netherlands B.V., against the agreed remuneration, to lodge the import declarations as a direct representative on behalf of the contracting entity. This authorization and the order apply to the shipment of goods presented by the /on behalf of the contracting entity and for which the customer Maco Customs Service Netherlands B.V. has provided the records/information sent via the EYouCommerce platform. Such authorisation and remission shall include all acts and communications up to the examination of the declaration and those relating to the notification of the amount of the customs debt. 1.4 By ordering, you accept the general terms and conditions of the seller and EYouCommerce B.V. which authorize Maco Customs Service Netherlands B.V. as a direct representative.

4.2 Subject to Article 4.1, the contracting authority is legally obliged to retain all data relating to the declaration, records and other data relating to the transaction, in so far as they relate to the declaration. 1.5 Unless otherwise agreed, the customer loads Maco Customs Service Netherlands B.V. via the EYouCommerce platform. In addition, the contracting authority authorises Maco Customs Service Netherlands B.V.: 1.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the relationship between the parties depends on the Dutch conditions of transmission, including the arbitration clause. The latest version of the Dutch transmission conditions applies at the time of carrying out the acts/activities. 1.2 Unless otherwise agreed, the direct representative must be present, on the basis of information known to the direct representative, when taking samples and examining the goods. . . .

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