Adyen Data Processing Agreement

If so, we may also treat your above information for our legitimate interest in protecting our legal rights, for example in this area. B of legal rights, and if we are legally required to process your data. We may also transfer your data in the event of a corporate restructuring, merger or sale. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is currently a sensation. I have received many requests from companies that are concerned about the time frame ahead and who are not sure what action they should take with respect to their payment data. The most frequently debated amendment to the RGPD in relation to the Data Protection Directive is the strengthening of consent requirements (point 1 of the list above). The requirements of the RGPD include such elements as (i) the condition of verifiable consent, (ii) the request for consent must be clearly distinguished from other issues and (iii) the persons concerned must be informed of their right to revoke consent. It is also important to note that an even higher consent requirement (“explicit consent”) is imposed for the processing of sensitive data. Stripe has certain data processing activities for which it is responsible for processing and other data processing activities. A good example of this dual role is when Stripe processes credit card transactions. Facilitating a transaction requires processing personal data such as the cardholder`s name, credit card number, credit card expiry date and CVC code. Cardholder data is sent to Stripe by the Stripe user via the Stripe API (or by another integration method, z.B.

Stripe Elements). Stripe then uses the data to complete the transaction in credit card network systems, a function Stripe performs as a data processor. However, Stripe also uses the data to fulfill its regulatory obligations (such as Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Anti Money Laundering (“AML”), and is the data manager as such. Check and, if necessary, review and revise supplier relationships to meet the requirements of the RGPD, to ensure that these third parties receive and process personal data legally. We are committed to safeguarding your personal data and have taken steps to do so. To prevent unauthorized persons or interested parties from gaining access to your data, we have taken a number of technical and organizational steps to protect and protect the information we treat against you.

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